AMH Infinity leverages on its in-depth regional know-how, strategic networks, business history and active high-level relationships to provide internationally scalable business ideas the needed regional knowledge and resources to expand and commercialize their products and services into the Middle East region.

AMH Infinity is actively involved in the initiation of regional divisions of international companies and to assist such companies with the preparation of regional plans, sourcing the most appropriate human talent, jump-starting implementation and lobbying with the regional government and business leaders.

This holistic value-chain approach ensures that AMH Infinity’s partnership-specific teams are fully committed to ensuring the success of our partners' global expansion initiatives through a collaborative approach of participation and joint risk-taking.

Today, AMH Infinity is the regional and local partner for a variety of international businesses with global experience across a varied set of industries, wherein AMH Infinity’s primary role is regional adaption, lobbying and facilitation of major contracts for such international companies.

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